Awesome AtmosFEARfx Sighting

October 10, 2012 | Posted in AtmosFX Sightings

We love seeing how folks use our effects, so when AtmosFEARfx fan Tim sent us this video, we were really excited! Last Friday, he spotted his neighbor decorating his house for Halloween. It was attracting a LOT of attention from people on the street, so he grabbed his camera, joined the crowd, and filmed what he saw. Check out his footage to see a REAL demonstration of Tricks and TreatsZombie Invasion!, and Creepy Crawlies 2 in action.

If you’re using our effects too, we’d love to see videos of how YOU transformed your home. Just send them to us at If you HAVEN’T picked up your decorations yet, what are you waiting for? Halloween’s only a few weeks away, so grab yours today! As you can see from Tim’s video, the results are sure to make your house the talk of the neighborhood. 

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