Spring Cleaning Project from Clever AtmosFAN

With spring just around the corner, so are the inevitable cleanup projects. (Frowny.) Why not get credit for tidying-up when you are really starting your first project for Halloween 2024? Makes perfect sense to us. And with that in mind, take a peek at the truly spectacular recycling project created by Brenda L. from Fort Collins, Colorado!

Most of us have had a similar experience: We find ourselves in possession of a once-loved childhood plaything, now neglected, as the children have moved onto presumably bigger and better things. Well, why can’t this old play structure become bigger and better, too?

As you can see, it wasn’t just a new coat of paint that Brenda applied to this plastic children’s playhouse. (Although the paint job is, indeed, quite dramatic.) We love all the smaller, intricate touches that she’s added, from the fencing to the lanterns to the window boxes. Apparently the miniature witch who lives inside has been watching a lot of HGTV during the Halloween offseason!

Needless to say, we also love how Brenda has added AtmosFX’s Witching Hour Decoration Collection into the mix. She simply stretched some Window Projection Material across the playhouse doorway and placed the projector inside. It’s a great reminder that Window Projection Material isn’t solely for windows – it will work in any opening!

We love recycling projects like these. And it doesn’t have to be just playhouses. We’ve also seen similar renovations of children’s dollhouses, like the ones highlighted here, where clever decorators turn them into even-more-miniature haunted houses. Who doesn’t love a second life? Especially when it can bring so much pleasure to others?

“Parents adored this concept and kids were mesmerized,” Brenda tells us. “Most were in awe of the transformation of the prop. We felt so much joy providing this!”

Do you have something around the house that you are transforming into a Halloween prop? We’d love to see it! Send your photos and videos to us using this simple online submission form, and you may become the next AtmosFAN of the Week! You will earn points for use in the AtmosFX online store with every submission and, if you win, you’ll earn a free decoration collection of your choice!

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