AtmosFAN Goes All-in at Haunted Home

With 292 days until Halloween, it’s time to get back to it! As much as we love decorating for Christmas, when the pages on the calendar turn to the New Year, it’s like we all are given permission to start thinking about Halloween again! With that in mind, let’s start January 2023 off right with Joseph M. of Levittown, N.Y.

We love how Joseph has created this tightly constructed Halloween display that has so much visual interest – and expertly done, at that!

What’s interesting is that Joseph has created a display that has two dominant components that exist side-by-side – the Hollusion mode display of the Legends of Halloween Decoration Collection and pumpkin mode display featuring the singing pumpkins of Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree 3. Sometimes when decorators place two powerful decorations next to each other, one (or both!) can have lesser impact than intended. But that certainly is not the case here.

Why does Joseph’s Halloween setup work so well and his centerpiece decorations not end up competing with each other? We think it is due to his great use of both light and darkness.

The three chatty pumpkins are placed in a premium location in Joseph’s display, brightly lit and front-and-center. That certainly draws the viewer’s attention. (And, too, all the detailed and fluorescent ornamentations in both the foreground and background!) So when Joseph sets up the AtmosFX Hollusion Projection Material nearby in comparative darkness, the bright decorations make the dark gray material very difficult to see. Perfect!

And when Hollusion Projection Material is really difficult to see – that’s when Hollusion displays really pop. As you can see from the video, the Pumpkin King and Headless Horseman look fantastic. When people are focusing on three singing pumpkins and – POW – two menacing characters appear seemingly from out of nowhere? Now that’s a great effect!

And, truly, the whole presentation is top notch, from the little details and decorations carefully placed throughout the display, to the well done window projection in the back. Joseph, you’ve created a first-rate Halloween display!

Are you taking advantage of the dark winter days by planning your Halloween decoration display? Send your photos and videos to us using this easy online submission form – you can inspire a whole world of decorators with your ideas! You will earn Kudos for use in the AtmosFX online store with your submission, and you may even be named the next AtmosFAN of the Week and win a free decoration collection.

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