AtmosFAN’s Drive-in for the Drive Bys

Sadly, drive-ins seem to be a thing of the past. But you have to wonder why, because who doesn’t love a massive movie screen where everyone comes together to watch something scary in their car? We know Rick S. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, certainly does. His massive screen, however, is the facade of his house, onto which he projects a fabulous projection mapping display. Instead of a drive-in, let’s call it a drive-by.

For the uninitiated, Rick’s mind-blowing display is called projection mapping. It is the technique of projecting onto something other than a flat, white screen to create a three-dimensional effect. But it is more than just that. Using projection-mapping software, you can mix multiple video clips and precisely define the areas on which you want to project. It creates a unique display that you might have seen at sporting events, large-venue concerts or theater productions. (Click here to read a blogpost called “Projection Mapping 101.”)

Of course, more than just video software, you also need a quality projector with a high lumen count, which Rick clearly has.

The result is terrific. Rick takes advantage of an already spectacular facade to create a captivating display that uses, among other things, Hall of Haunts, Inferno and Boo Crew decoration collections. As he constructed his projection mapping display, we love how Rick lets the action unfold slowly, allowing everyone who passes by to get a good look at the action.

“We’ve been getting cars driving by all week and stopping to watch the show,” Rick tells us.

And for good reason! It’s better than a drive-in!

It may be May, but it’s not too early to start thinking about your upcoming Halloween display! Send us your photos and videos of previous Halloweens, or maybe something you are currently working on for this upcoming October. Each submission will earn you Kudos for use in the AtmosFX online store, and those selected as AtmosFAN of the Week will receive a complete decoration collection of their choice!

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