How to Make it a White Christmas – Anywhere

Everyone loves a white Christmas – until, of course, it is time to shovel the driveway. We are prepared to solve, at least, part of this problem.

With the help of Winter Wonderland Digital Decoration, you can enjoy the quiet beauty that comes with a gentle snowfall regardless of where you live. And to best use it, we’ve put together a few clever ideas that will enable you to create your own winter wonderland – without lifting a shovel.

Display into your house

When most people set up a Window Mode projection, they do so for the benefit of the viewers outside their house. That's why we were so enamored with what AtmosFAN Lyle Coram did. To create the effect of a snowy Christmas morning at his Las Vegas home, he projected Winter Wonderland into his house! You can read an article about how he did it here.

Use a mini-projector

We know that many people like to set up Christmas Villages as part of their home decorating. By placing a cleverly hidden mini-projector amongst the miniatures in the display, and then projecting the pastoral snowy scenes onto the wall behind it, you can add an intriguing amount of depth and dynamism to the scene.

Another great use of a mini-projector could be any glass cabinet, like a liquor cabinet, glass case or bookshelf. Add a little Window Projection Material to the glass and then place the mini-projector inside. Especially if you use the "Let it Snow" individual decorations, you'll create a mini snowstorm in a spot not expected ... and you'll get a "how'd they do that?!" from your guests, too.

Create a window on (another) world

If you don't want to go to the same lengths as Lyle Coram did above, you can still create the sensation of a snowy world outside your window with a television screen. Wall-mounted television works best – simply select the "window framed" mode in the Winter Wonderland individual decorations and turn down the lights. Your TV will be transformed into a window looking out onto a snowy paradise!

What else is around?

We've mostly highlighted the pastoral scenes that make Winter Wonderland so popular, but there are two other individual decorations within the collection that provide a different feel. Then "Let it Snow" scenes feature simply snowflakes – one decoration is realistic, the other is stylized. And here's what's great about them: You can project them anywhere! On the ceiling or a wall? Easy! You can instantly transform any room, window or object into a brilliant snow flurry! And best of all – no shoveling!

How do you use Winter Wonderland Digital Decoration to decorate for Christmas and the winter holidays? Send us your photos and videos via the handy AtmosFAN of the Week Submission Form. Spread a little cheer with your inventiveness!

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