Behind the Scenes: ‘Witching Hour’

We would like to invite you to watch our latest behind-the-scenes video, a little glimpse into AtmosFEARfx’s Witching Hour Digital Decoration.

Shot live on a green-screen soundstage with professional actors, Witching Hour is a combination of live-action and animation. The entire script was captured on an ultra high-definition digital camera, and the actor’s performance will be used for the witch’s body. 

The actor’s face? It will be replaced by a computer-generated face. To accomplish this, our actor wore a green mask covered in white dots, which motion-track his head movements. This motion data is then translated to the 3D model of our animated witch face. When both elements – the live-action body and the animated face – are combined, our playful, yet slightly spooky, animated witch really comes alive.

The result will be a spellbinding visit deep into a dark lair, where our cloaked enchantress and her familiars, a black cat and raven, toil through the night brewing magic spells and conjuring whimsical spirits. Witching Hour will feature magical vignettes and original Halloween songs that will entertain the entire family.

Stay tuned in the coming months for more behind-the-scenes articles about Witching Hour, as well as the two other digital decorations scheduled to be released this year: AtmosFEARfx’s Phantasms and AtmosCHEERfx’s Santa’s Workshop.

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