AtmosFAN Makes her own Window Display

We’re proud of the decorations we create. And even prouder of the creations our AtmosFANs make with them! That’s the whole point, right?! So when Lori D. of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, decided that she wanted to entertain her neighbors by creating a single window display made from a combination of several AtmosFX Decorations, we were intrigued! Lori doesn’t do much Halloween decorating aside from the front window of her house. But it is a double window on a busy cross street, so she wants to make sure that what she creates really counts.

Lori takes a combination of AtmosFX Decorations and combines them with royalty-free backgrounds and images she finds on the internet. Using Magix Movie Maker Pro, she blends them all together, essentially telling her own original story in her own window mode display.

Needless to say, AtmosFX Decorations are the cornerstone of her presentation, with the characters from UnLiving Portraits: Halloween Hosts Decoration Collection front-and-center. If you look closely, you’ll also find Ghostly Apparitions, Paranormal Passage and Bone Chillers 2 decoration collections in there, too.
There’s also a speaker outside, so that the strange ramblings of the Brooding Butler and the prognostications of the Fortune Teller can be heard by the children who pass by. Lori also has a FM transmitter for people in their cars. “I live on a cross street, so there's plenty of places for people to park and watch while listening to their car radios,” she says. “I make little commercials in between scenes so they know what station to tune into.”

According to Lori, the neighbors around Cedar Rapids have grown to love her displays – she also creates similar window mode projections for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

“It's been positive, the neighbors love it,” Lori tells us. “Coming up with scenarios using the AtmosFX videos is one of my favorite things to do.”

How are you preparing for Halloween? Make sure to send your photos and videos to us using this simple online form – you just may be the next AtmosFAN of the Week! Aside from inspiring Halloween decorators around the world, you will also earn Kudos for your submission, plus you might also earn a free complete decoration collection!

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