AtmosFAN’s Home Becomes a Halloween ‘Inferno’

During hot summer days, we’d understand if you were looking forward to the cooler autumn weather that comes with Halloween.

This dichotomy got us to thinking about what Tanner Rose, of Pittsburgh, sent us. It is a VERY COOL Halloween digital decoration display that is absolutely ON FIRE, puns obviously intended. (We can’t resist!)

What do we love about Tanner’s display? In its simplicity, it is absolutely effective. Tanner makes great work of one of AtmosFX’s releases from 2020, the Inferno Digital Decoration Collection. He’s got all his windows working with Inferno on loop, so his Halloween display is raging – what’s the expression? – like a house on fire.

“This was my first Halloween at this house, and the neighbors were in awe,” Tanner tells us.

Or, perhaps, burning up with envy?

And of course, we also love the Pumpkin King – how could you not?! The detail is great, and the character fits perfectly with Tanner’s theme.

“While I work on my entire display for the entire month, it only takes me about 30 minutes or less to fire up the projectors and load the Inferno flames files for playback,” Tanner adds.

Great work, Tanner! We love your simple, yet incredibly detailed, Halloween display!


How are you preparing for Halloween? There are countless AtmosFANS that would love to be inspired by your work! It is easy to send us your photos and videos using this simple online submission form!

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