Nine Projectors Ablaze at AtmosFAN’s Home

When you get approximately 500 trick-or-treaters to come to your house – in the pouring rain, no less – you know you’re doing something right. That was the case for Sean LeFebvre this past Halloween when he set up nine separate projection displays at his Montreal, Quebec, home. As you can see from the video above, Sean has a lot going on in a fairly small space. That, in itself, likely has a lot to do with how successfully it attracted so many costumed kids that rainy Halloween night. Clearly, it was a brightly-lit beacon of Halloween fun.

“Kids just hang around watching all the decorations,” Sean tells us. “It’s a first when candy takes a back seat!”

For those who are always searching for new ways to use your projector to display AtmosFX decorations, Sean certainly has put on a clinic. Here, we can find window projections, 3DFX Form projections, pumpkin prop mode projections and a terrific use of the AtmosFX Decorating Disc.

It is also worth calling out the projection display that entirely covers his wraparound front porch. As you can see, Sean simply hung some sheets on the porch and back-projected AtmosFX’s Bone Chillers Decoration Collection onto it. Essentially, Sean created a huge window projection without the window. He’s not trying to disguise the projection material like you might if you were displaying it in a window (or on Hollusion Projection Material); Sean is simply building the largest movie screen he can for all to enjoy. We think it looks great.

Elsewhere in the video, you can spot a great use of the 3DFX Form, which features the Ghost Bride from the recently released Halloween Hosts Decoration Collection. When placed in a dark space all by itself – like Sean did – the 3DFX Form really pops.

Lastly, we just love how Sean hung AtmosFX Decorating Discs from the trees and projected the Eerie Eyes Decoration Collection onto them. Like ornaments on a strange Halloween tree, the all-seeing eyes certainly create an undeniably creepy sensation!

Of course, there’s plenty more projection displays at Sean’s home – you’ll just have to watch the whole video to see them all. But we know, just like the approximately 500 kids who visited Sean last Halloween night, you won’t be disappointed!

Have you sent us your photos or videos of last year’s Halloween display yet? If you haven’t, do so now – it is never too late! Use this simple online submission form and you may be honored as the next AtmosFAN of the Week and win a free digital decoration collection!

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