A ‘Halloween Moon’ Rises Down Under

All right, we admit: The moon looks pretty-much the same in the southern hemisphere as it does in the northern hemisphere – still round, still bright, still awesome. But we still get excited when we get Halloween displays from Down Under.

This is especially true when it shows off a stellar ‘Moon Mode’ display like the one created by Bill Hartshorne, of Geelong, Victoria, Australia.

Moon Mode is, for the uninitiated, a newer display mode for those who want to project onto a circular screen or onto a sphere. And it is a perfect way to utilize the Halloween Moon Digital Decoration Collection. In this case, Bill built a circular screen that is nearly two meters in diameter and placed it atop his home last Halloween. The result is pretty spectacular.

"The huge crowd pleaser was the monster full moon I had hovering over my house," Bill tells us. "It lit up the sky over my roof and could be seen streets away."

With his projector placed behind his circular screen, Bill has done a fantastic job creating an incredibly bright and crisp display. It is not hard to see how it attracted visitors from all over the neighborhood.

In fact, it is so captivating, you might almost miss the window and doorway projections of Ghostly Apparitions 2 Digital Decoration Collection. Bill used Adobe's Premiere Pro to weave the scenes together so that the "Diabolic Debutante" never appeared in the window and the door at the same time.

If all this wasn't already AtmosFAN of the Week worthy, Bill accepts donations from the crowds that assemble at his Halloween display to benefit the Royal Children's Hospital in nearby Melbourne, Australia. That's doubly great stuff, Bill! Great work!

Have you projected on circles or spheres as part of a Halloween or Christmas digital display? Perhaps you've projected on something else that is unusual? If so, make sure you send your photos and videos to us using this easy submission form! You're certain to inspire others, just like Bill did!

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