AtmosFan Hall of Fame

One thing we’ve come to learn over the years: Give a bunch of creative people a few tools and you’ll always be amazed with what they come up with. Year after year we see incredible feats of digital decorating goodness – sometimes deployed in ways we’ve never even considered; sometimes in mind-blowing magnitudes that makes us wonder if the neighborhood power grid is about to blow.

We love to see it all – the creativity of our fans continues to be inspiring. And because everyone needs a little inspiration, we have put together the AtmosFan Hall of Fame. Below is a list of everyone who has been bestowed the honor of AtmosFan of the Week since its inception in September 2015.

We hope you will use this list as a resource; as a way to get inspired to create The Next Great Thing. And when you do, make sure to send us photos and YouTube links to – you might just be the next person on this list!

AtmosFAN Hall of Fame 

Name Date Honored Details
Karlton Bagby 08/17/18 Great rear-projection display featuring 'Witching Hour'
Bryan Lake 08/10/18 Using 'UnLiving Portraits' to bring a mischievous spirit into the workplace
Lyle Coram 07/27/18 Daughter has vivid 'Dinosaur Encounter' as she plays in her house
Jason Roxbury 07/20/18 Hollusion from 'Phantasms' materializes at Roxbury Haunted Manor
Michael Hehir 07/13/18 Gravestone prop features 'Eerie Eyes' digital decoration
Lisa Boggs 07/06/18 Tyrannosaurus Rex roams in verdant prehistoric forest inside home
Barb Landygo 06/22/18 Incredibly detailed witch’s lair fits in one-car garage
Matt Hughes 06/01/18 Hollusion Projection Material used to create augmented reality effects in live music performances
Greg Cummings 05/18/18 Fan makes hand-made Halloween props out of what others call junk
Michael Agovino 05/04/18 Elaborate setup with animatronics, lights, fog and props
Troy Blosser 04/20/18 Full-scale haunted house squeezed into two-car garage
Gary Seputis 04/15/18 Crystal clear doorway projection features 'Bone Chillers'
Alexander Kunkels 03/23/18 DIY experiments with liquid crystal displays in LED televisions
Colin & Fiona Isaacs 03/09/18 Couple displays 'Eerie Eyes' in windshield of their car 
Lyle Coram 02/23/2018 Two-time 'Freak' creates enchanted ceiling in daughter's bedroom
Lyle Coram 02/09/2018 Desert landscape transformed into a Winter Wonderland by projecting into the house
Saraha Sears 01/25/2018 DIY book of spells becomes even creepier with Eerie Eyes
Brenda & Randy Feist 01/05/2018 Community-wide event built around Santa's Visit in window
Robert Holland 12/21/2017 Projection mapping and 3DFX Form energizes office party
Joe Stricker 12/14/2017 Extravagant display lights-up Centennial, Colorado
Brian Doogan 12/08/2017 Halloween Freak of the Week transitions flawlessly to Christmas
Lee Weber 12/08/2017 Halloween Freak of the Week transitions flawlessly to Christmas
Kristel Abel 12/01/2017 Christmas Carolers and Winter Wonderland in Orlando, Florida
Brian Doogan 11/16/2017 Another whole-house presentation using 3D projection mapping
Michelle Geiger 11/10/2017 Two captivating props using underutilized monitors
Shawn Beuscher 11/03/2017 Large-scale 3D projection mapping of entire house
Brent Franker 10/26/2017 14-projector display includes five 3DFX Form setups
Neil & Jeanene Hawley 10/19/2017 Clever crystal ball prop, plus gorgeous window displays
Lee Weber 10/13/2017 Garage-door projection of Paranormal Passage a big success
Justin Delacuetara 10/06/2017 Pepper’s Ghost in miniature; Two-time Freak of the Week!
John Cook 09/22/2017 Amateur haunted house built into a five-stall garage
Eddie Cook 09/15/2017 Spare plywood, red floodlights and Zombie Invasion!
James Mandell 08/18/2017 Large-scale display of Paranormal Passage on garage door
David Werner 12/13/2016 Built an artificial hearth to display Night Before Christmas
John Fabian 12/06/2016 Mixes-in video clips from new and old Christmas specials
Josh Mellor 10/26/2016 Built a 16x18-foot castle facade, plus a 14x9-foot screen
Jenna Ugero 10/26/2016 Quality home display; Two-time Freak of the Week
Zach Breaux 10/26/2016 Pumpkin Projection “how-to” with Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree
Don Workman 10/20/2016 Many displays in small space, taking only 10 minutes to set up 
Matt E. 10/14/2016 Decorations to cheer flood victims; Two-time Freak of the Week
Daron Thomas 10/14/2016 His family has had Trick ’r Treat-themed events since 2008
Mike Epstein 10/06/2016 Numerous window projections at their biennial “Extreme Halloween”
Wayne Seadan 09/28/2016 A wall display of Phantasms goes viral – with Facebook views at more than 7 million
Ryan Diez 09/22/2016 Nine projectors and seven AtmosFX Digital Decorations at this home
Brett Hancock 09/13/2016 Spooky but family friendly, using Bone Chillers and Hollusion effects
Justin Delacuetara 09/09/2016 Fully furnished miniature scene using the Pepper’s Ghost effect
Craig Puckett 05/19/2016 Used Windows Movie Maker to cut together two independent 45-minute loops
Hector Prieto 04/21/2016 Crisp projection on the cheap – using an eBay projector and simple shower curtain
Scott Moore 03/31/2016 Built false wall and frame to showcase UnLiving Portraits – using only one monitor
Jeff Fogarty 03/17/2016 Numerous digital decorations pieced together in a series of looping videos
Ivan Marasca 03/03/2016 Star Wars-themed Christmas display – and Night Before Christmas, too
Paul Reynolds 02/25/2016 Last-minute addition of Ghostly Apparitions brings tons of visitors to the home
Chad Laubach 02/11/2016 Night Before Christmas and Winter Wonderland on display, with 30,000 lights
Ingo Heydkamp 02/04/2016 Step-by-step photos of a false wall showcasing UnLiving Portraits
Matt E. 12/17/2015 A Halloween digital decoration newcomer gives Christmas a go
Timm Reed 11/12/2015 2012 video shows early adoption of Santa’s Visit and Winter Wonderland
Brent Conrad 10/29/2015 Flawlessly executed outdoor Hollusion effect in the yard
Jenna Ugero 10/22/2015 Entire house displays multiple scenes, including Phantasms and Zombie Invasion!
Jason Cash 10/19/2015 Perfect projector placement renders Hollusion Projection Material nearly invisible
Robert Cox 10/19/2015 Bright lights make center display seem darker, where Phantasms emerge
Don Raymer 10/08/2015 Step-by-step building of a DIY crystal ball using Phantasms
Steven Nance 10/01/2015 ‘Haunted Nansion’ uses 10 projectors to display 10 AtmosFX Digital Decorations
Brandon King 09/22/2015 Great use of Ghostly Apparitions Hollusion effect, plus singing pumpkins

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