Holiday Spirit Warms North Dakotans’ Hearts

It may be the New Year, but there’s plenty of holiday leftovers in which to indulge. After all, who doesn’t want the holiday spirit to last a little bit longer? Especially when it is as good as this!

This week we head to Minot, North Dakota, where Brenda and Randy Feist have been putting on an ever-expanding Christmas display that was highlighted by the local KXMB television news team. 

When we look for AtmosFAN of the Week candidates, we aren’t always looking for “over-the-top” displays using multiple digital decoration setups. (Though we love those, too!) We’re looking for how the whole presentation forms a thematic whole. We also just can’t get enough of displays that bring neighborhoods together and the Feists' display certainly does that. During their television interview, the Feists even invited their community over on Christmas Eve. 

Brenda and Randy have been working on their holiday display for about five years, but say things really went big when they put Santa’s Visit in their upstairs window. “Our Christmas display was built around Santa,” Brenda says.

Since then, Randy built a sleigh where both kids and adults can sit for pictures. Randy, among others, dresses as Santa’s elves and hands out candy canes. However, no one dresses like Santa, they say, because he’s in the window!

This Christmas Eve, Brenda says they handed out 360 candy canes to visitors, as well as 55 greeting cards, five of which contained $20 gift cards as a surprise. All this happened while it was -45 degrees with the wind chill!

North Dakotans are tough (and big-hearted)! Those are reasons enough to name Brenda and Randy Feist AtmosFANs of the Week. We love how you’ve made your display a true community event!

It may be January, but we know there are still many worthy decorators out there! Show us how you have been using our digital decorations and you may be our next featured decorator!

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