Introducing New Scares to the Neighborhood

The display at Craig Puckett's home, awash in green lighting and two separate continuously looping projections, is reason enough to earn him AtmosFAN of the Week honors.

But what we really love about Craig's display is how he started a new decorating trend in his hometown of Alpharetta, Georgia. Three years ago he discovered AtmosFX digital decorations and was proudly the first in his neighborhood, as he says, "to go all out." Now, he's seeing his neighbors up their game, too. What's better than that?

By his own admission, his first Halloween three years ago was a modest effort, using only Ghostly Apparitions. He went bigger in the subsequent years, seeing crowds of 20-25 people at a time amass in front of his house, all eager to see what's new at the Puckett home. The video below is from his most recent year, where Craig used Windows Movie Maker to cut together two independent 45-minute loops using six different AtmosFEARfx digital decorations.

Craig is developing a reputation in his neighborhood – his is the go-to Halloween house.  "Parents ask me each year," he recalls, "'how did you do that' or 'where did you find something like that?' He's also starting to see friends from other neighborhoods use AtmosFX digital decorations.

"It's catching on in a big way," he says. "I'm betting that this year, there will be a few in my own neighborhood putting out some good surprises with AtmosFX digital decorations."

We love your great work, Craig. And through your example, we love how the rest of your neighborhood is also getting into the Halloween spirit. For that, we crown you AtmosFAN of the Week!

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