Slasher Surprise


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Night Stalkers

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Someone is knocking at your door – and it's not an encyclopedia salesman! Watch out! A gang of villainous creeps are hacking, slashing, and punching their way through your wall in this homage to ’80s-era horror films. No matter where you project these startling decorations this Halloween, they're sure to turn your neighbors' heads.

Decoration Includes

  • "Anybody Home?" Doorway (0:44)
  • "Panic Attack" Doorway (0:48)
  • "Run & Hide" Doorway (0:22)
  • "Wall Bangers" Wall (1:07)
  • "Wall Bangers" Wall Small(1:04)
  • "You Axed For It" Wall (0:48)
  • "You Axed For It" Wall Small(0:49)


  • 1080p HD Video Files in .MP4 Format
  • Lighting Options: Fog or Shadows
  • Horizontal and Vertical Orientations Included
  • Slasher Surprise Wall Scenes Include Horizontal Orientation Only

Display Modes Included


Standard display modes include: 






What Is Digital Decorating?

What Is Digital Decorating?

Enjoy an introduction to the joyous world of celebrating with digital decorations.

Digital Decorating Basics

Digital Decorating Basics

Kick things off with a few suggestions for maximizing your own digital decorating experience.

Window Decorating

Window Decorating

Captivate and entertain your family, friends and neighbors by displaying dazzling decorations in your windows.

Create Hollusions

Create Hollusions

Use Hollusion Material to create hologram-like illusions that seemingly appear out of thin air in a doorway, an archway, a yard...practically anywhere.

TVs/Monitors as Decorations

TVs/Monitors as Decorations

Transform your TV or monitor into an eye-catching, animated decoration or prop for parties and entertaining.

Walls/Solid Surfaces as Decorations

Walls/Solid Surfaces as Decorations

Bring any solid surface to life by projecting onto your walls, ceilings, doors, floors, props, house exterior, and more.

Bring Props to Life

Bring Props to Life

Project onto the AtmosFX 3DFX Form and bring a variety of animated characters to three-dimensional life.

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