Jingle Bells



The joyful sounds of ‘Jingle Bells’ carry through the night as if they are snowflakes. Who is making this beautiful music? It is a magical snowman who has come to entertain your friends and family with merry Christmas carols. Create a mesmerizing musical holiday display, whether projected on windows, walls, TVs – even the AtmosFX Decorating Disc XL. And when projected on the 3DFX Form, you can make it appear as though a life-size snowman has truly come to life!


  • 1080p HD Video Files in .MP4 Format
  • Horizontal and Vertical Videos Included
  • Run Time: “Jingle Bells” (2:19)
  • Features Display Modes for Window, TV, Wall, Hollusion, 3DFX Form, and Decorating Disc
  • Includes Enchanted Snowman Transitions
  • Window Mode Includes Options With or Without Background
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