Great Ways to Use ‘Star Trek: Beam Me Up’

There seems to be as many Star Trek franchises out in the content universe as there are stars in the sky. Or days of the year! So, if on one of those many days you are preparing to host a viewing party for the season premier of the next Star Trek series, we have some otherworldly decorating ideas for you.

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For those who have an undying affinity for all things Star Trek, AtmosFX’s Star Trek: Beam Me Up Decoration Collection is an ingenious way to dynamically decorate for a cosplay event, viewing parties or taking a costume party to where no man (or woman!) has gone before. With seven decorations covering nearly every major Star Trek series – plus one feature film – there are tons of great ways you can use this clever decoration.

Get the Party Started

Like all AtmosFX Decorations that are focused on traditional holidays like Halloween or Christmas, Star Trek: Beam Me Up can be easily set up in a window or displayed on a wall as a way to let partygoers know that they’ve come to the right place.

For instance, just place some Window Projection Material in a window facing the front of your house or, if in an apartment, facing the street. Then project the crew of The Next Generation or Deep Space Nine into the window and everyone will know precisely where to transport themselves.

Wall projections can work the same way, indoors or out. You can project Scottie, Sulu and Spock onto the side of your house or garage door for grand effect, or in the same room where space-themed costume partygoers are likely to congregate.

Transport Yourself

Hollusion Projection Material is another AtmosFX product that has a strong association with holidays like Halloween. (You can see a great example here.) But there is a special display mode in Star Trek: Beam Me Up that, with this unique semi-transparent gray material, can make it appear as though you are being beamed into the transporter room.

How does this work? You can read this great article on how to create this effect, but here’s the basic idea. Hang Hollusion Projection Material in a doorway and stand behind it with a dimmable light. When the dimmable light is on, the audience on the other side of the Hollusion Projection Material will be able to see you; but when it is dimmed down, they won’t. On the other side of the material, use a projector to display Star Trek: Beam Me Up in “Beam Yourself” mode. When projecting onto the material and the dimmable light is turned down, it will look to your audience as though you have been transported out of the room. 

Of course, you can also beam the Star Trek characters in and out of the room using that same Hollusion effect. Simply hang the material in that same doorway or arch, and then train the projector’s beam onto it. AtmosFX Decorations that feature Hollusion mode have no backgrounds, so that when they are projected onto the material, it appears Star Trek favorites like Jean-Luc Picard have been beamed directly into your home!

How have you used Star Trek: Beam Me Up Decoration at a costume or viewing party? We want to see it! Beam your photos and videos to us using this simple online submission form – so easy, even a Ferengi can do it!

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