AtmosFX Academy Part 3: ‘Beam Yourself’ 101

The Star Trek: Beam Me Up Decoration Collection includes the one-of-a-kind ‘Beam Yourself’ decorations that allow you to beam up your own crew members from the comfort of your home with zero risk of transporter malfunctions. AtmosFX is going where no decorator has gone before with this interactive collection of decorations, so we’ve put together some tips to help you create transporter effects worthy of the highest ranking Starfleet officers.

These crew members are being transported on an away mission using the 'Beam Yourself' decorations

If you’re new to AtmosFX Decorations, check out the articles “What are Digital Decorations?” and “Decorating with Digital Projectors.” If you’re ready to become a transporter engineer, then it’s time to engage!

Using the ‘Beam Yourself’ Decorations

You can transport up to five crew members at a time with transporter beams crafted to match those of each Star Trek series. Choose either “Wall Mode” for an easy point-and-project experience, or “Hollusion Mode” for extra special-effects flair.

Wall Mode: To use the “Beam Yourself” Wall Mode, simply line up your projector pointing towards the subjects you want to transport. Once you’ve found the right spot (we suggest using masking tape to leave a mark on the ground), show your crew where to stand during the transportation. Now you’re all set to have fun beaming your guests throughout your event.

The 'Beam Yourself' Wall Mode decorations are as easy to use as any phaser

Hollusion Mode: Using the “Beam Yourself” Hollusion Mode is a bit more advanced, but the results are worth the extra effort. Start by hanging your Hollusion Projection Material between the projector and the spot where your crew will stand. The area behind the material should be dark so that your crew is not visible to the audience watching the transportation. For the perfect Hollusion transporter effect, you can use an additional light to illuminate your crew as they materialize. A dimmer light will work best to control the timing and amount of light, but any light will do. As the beam begins to play from the projector, turn on the light which will illuminate your crew. Then simply turn off the light as the transporter beams out your crew about three to five seconds later.

The 'Beam Yourself' Hollusion Mode decorations materialize advanced results

Share Your Decorations with the Rest of the Galaxy!

We are excited to see our fans demonstrate this new “Beam Yourself” technology — you can share your photos and videos with AtmosFX by using the simple AtmosFAN of the Week submission form.

As well, we also encourage you to show how you and your friends transport yourself by utilizing the decidedly 21st-century technology of social media. Post your photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube so that everyone throughout the United Federation of Planets can envy your new mode of travel.

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