AtmosFX Academy Part 1: What are Digital Decorations?

Welcome to the world of AtmosFX Digital Decorations! You’re now embarking on a new frontier of decorating for holidays, parties, and more. If the Star Trek: Beam Me Up™ Digital Decoration® collection is your first introduction to digital decorating, then you are in the right place. If you’re familiar with the basics, you can warp ahead to other topics, like “Decorating with Digital Projectors” or “‘Beam Yourself’ 101”.

The crew of Deep Space Nine decorating a front window

It’s time to put away the blinking lights, balloons, and streamers — this is the next generation of celebration. Digital decorations are high-quality videos with dynamic sound and motion, that use a projector or screen to turn any environment into an immersive, theatrical experience.

How to Access Digital Downloads

AtmosFX Digital Decorations are provided directly to you via digital download. Our digital downloads are HD quality videos in mp4 format, which arrive contained in compressed zip files. Almost every computer includes pre-installed software to open these files with just a few clicks. File sizes for each individual Star Trek crew can range from 800 MB to around 1.6 GB. The complete collection will require about 7.7 GB of storage.

It’s always recommended to download directly to a desktop or laptop computer. Using a phone or tablet to access the decorations can be difficult because of the large file sizes and the need for decompression software. However, if you have enough free space and a decompression app, you can still use mobile devices to access your digital downloads.

Playing Your Digital Decorations

AtmosFX Digital Decorations work with many different types of devices. You can display your favorite Starfleet crew members on any TV or computer monitor, or use a digital projector to transform any environment into the transporter room with just a few easy steps. Playing AtmosFX digital downloads on a projector or TV requires the following features/settings:

  • Can accept a storage media like USB or SD card
  • Can play mp4 files, which is the video format we use for digital downloads
  • Has a "repeat" or "loop" function to continuously play the decorations

The Original Series crew decorating a living room TV

If your TV or projector does not have one or more of these features, you can still use digital downloads by connecting the video inputs on your TV or projector to another device that can play mp4 files in a repeating playlist.

If you’re not sure how to play digital decorations with your TV or projector, you’re always welcome to visit our Help Center for helpful articles, or contact the AtmosFX support team anytime! Our dedicated intelligence officers are standing by at your command.

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