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Premium Window Projection Material

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  • 3’x5’ material roll
  • Application Instructions
  • Includes a promotional card inside the packaging for a $9.99 credit redeemable on any digital decoration scene (excluding the Trick 'r Treat collection)

Product Description

Premium Window Projection Material

AtmosFX Premium Window Projection Material is: 

  • White and translucent, giving windows a “frosted” look
  • Made of a reusable flexible vinyl that sticks to windows through static cling
  • Designed specifically for rear and front projection
  • Offers improved light diffusion and hot-spot reduction compared to previous models
  • Easier installation and better cling than previous versions

As an added bonus, each purchase of AtmosFX Window Projection Material includes a $9.99 promotional code, which can be redeemed for a free digital decoration download of your choice*. To take advantage of this special offer, add any single scene download to your cart, and enter the included code to the discount box at checkout.

Please note that, once used, all projection material purchases are final. Please take into account that projection material sizes may vary by +/- 0.5” in length/width.

To learn more about how to project our digital decorations onto your windows, check out this how-to guide.

*Promotional codes apply to AtmosFX individual digital decoration downloads only, excluding Trick ‘r Treat.

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Customer Reviews

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United States

Too small

Need to come in larger sizes



Thanks for the feedback! We have been shopping around for ways to manufacture the PWPM in larger sizes while still keeping the price down. We'll keep everyone posted! Happy holidays!

United States


The window cover was easy to cut and attach. The effect looks really great!

Denise O.
United States

Premium Window Projection Material

I used it for the first time today and the over all quality is 100% better then last years material...It is much thinker then last years. So far well worth the money. The real test is to see how long it stays on the window....I had a real hard time keeping the material on the window last year and hopefully this material will stay on the window without incident.

Jason. Veit

Lost Image Quality

I absolutely love everything from Atmos and project on a number of windows, walls and props every year. While I LOVE the last version I thought I would give the new one a try. I was hoping it would maybe add a little more to the picture. First, i could not get this new one to go on smooth at all. Lots of waves which clearly showed in the projection and I did remove the protective film. After many attempts I gave up. I then did half of my window with the new and half with then old. The old went up perfectly and when I projected the old shows colors a lot more accurately and picture was cristal clear. :( . Certainly disappointing. .



Sorry the Premium Projection Material didn't meet your expectations, Jason. If you would, contact support@atmosfx.com. Sometimes they ask for material to be returned to our office so we can troubleshoot manufacturing issues. Sorry again. That's disappointing.

United States

Great product!

I’ve used a lot of projection material over the years ... and have had to purchase again every year. This stuff actually works and I won’t have to purchase again. Excellent product and I wouldn’t recommend anything else!

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