Make Your 2021 Halloween Truly Magical with New AtmosFX Digital Decorations

Seattle, WA – September 22, 2021 – AtmosFX, the holiday decorating company known for inventing projection-based home decorating, today announces three new Halloween digital decoration collections for 2021, in addition to a new digital decoration category geared toward first-time digital decorators called Plug-n-PlayLists. Moreover, AtmosFX also will be releasing spooky new virtual backgrounds optimized for video calls. Including these new titles, AtmosFX has created  34 Halloween-themed digital decoration collections, and a total of 55 for year-round celebrations.

Available for use both indoors and out, AtmosFX Digital Decorations are a dynamic option for those who seek to decorate their homes and offices for Halloween and other special occasions. With COVID-19 safety protocols still in effect in many areas, decorating for Halloween is proving to be one way communities can continue to celebrate this tradition while still observing safe behaviors.

 “We expected to see a lot of excitement for Halloween this year, and we are absolutely seeing it,” says AtmosFX Co-Founder, Pete Reichert. “For that reason, we knew it would be essential to introduce an ambitious new digital decoration like Halloween Hosts, as well as sequels to longtime favorites like Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree 3 and with UnLiving Portraits 2. Our fans were clamoring for both.”

This year, AtmosFX is making sure to reach out to new users – ones that might be digitally decorating for the first time. “Our new Plug-n-PlayLists make it easier than ever to join the fun of digital decorating, no matter your skill level,” adds Reichert. “As for the virtual backgrounds – it doesn’t look like video calls are going away anytime soon, so we wanted to make sure people are able to have a little fun with it this Halloween.”

In addition to releasing new digital decorations and virtual backgrounds, AtmosFX has also brought back the mannequin-size 3DFX Form and introduced a circular projection screen,  called the Decorating Disc. Both make setting up and displaying your digital decorations even easier.

“We’re excited about the upcoming Hallowthankmas season and will be releasing more new decorations – after we first celebrate Halloween, of course,” says Reichert. “Whether you decorate for Halloween every year or are just getting back into it, AtmosFX is here to help you create the greatest Halloween decoration displays and to have the coolest house in the neighborhood.”

All AtmosFX Digital Decorations can be found here:

1. Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree 3

Halloween hasn’t been the same since these gabby pumpkins first came to the neighborhood. Now, they’re back – singing licensed Halloween hits, telling tales and chatting-up anyone who stops by your doorstep. All-new and family friendly, the Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree 3 Digital Decoration Collection can be displayed by itself or as a seamless addition to your decoration library. Play on windows, walls or TV – but it draws crowds when projected onto uncarved pumpkins!

Jack-O’-Lantern Jamboree 3 is available here:

2. Halloween Hosts
Halloween isn’t just a holiday, it is a way of life. And death. Faithful only to the spirit of Halloween, three eccentric ambassadors are eager to share their devotion with you. Whether you project it, or play it on your TV, the Halloween Hosts Digital Decoration Collection is AtmosFX’s most ambitious digital decoration ever. The Brooding Butler, Fortune Teller and Ghost Bride all have tales to tell – both good and terrible. How will you fare in their story?

Halloween Hosts is available here:

3. UnLiving Portraits 2™ 

Create a ghoulish gallery of hauntingly beautiful digital portraits, featuring the three spooky characters from Halloween Hosts. Whether you display these artworks on your TV or tablet, or project them onto your wall, each creepy character will startle and surprise your Halloween guests. The UnLiving Portraits 2 Digital Decoration Collection even allows all three portraits to interact with each other – creating a delightfully creepy Halloween experience.

UnLiving Portraits 2 will be coming out in early October and will be available at once it releases.

4. Halloween Plug-n-PlayLists

Perfect for the first-time digital decorator, Plug-n-PlayLists make it simple to ‘wow’ friends and family with a single long-running digital decoration. Easy to download and display, each of the three Plug-n-PlayLists contains a variety of digital decorations organized by a common theme. Optimized for projecting on windows or playing on a TV, this easy-to-use digital file simply overflows with AtmosFX’s most memorable holiday characters!

Halloween Plug-n-PlayLists are available here:

5. Creepy Critters™ 

The AtmosFX Creepy Critters Virtual Background Bundle features classic horror scenes designed to shock and surprise your next Zoom meeting or video conference. Spiders, cockroaches, and disembodied eyes and teeth will swarm the background of your meetings and give everyone something to talk about.

The Creepy Critters Virtual Background Collection will be released in early October and will be available here:

About AtmosFX
AtmosFX is a Seattle-based company that seeks to dramatically change how people decorate their homes for holidays, parties and other celebrations. Through the use of beautifully animated characters, stories and atmospherics, AtmosFX Digital Decorations are an ingenious – and easy – way to decorate anywhere, any time of year. Endlessly versatile and entertaining, AtmosFX offers a variety of innovative, Hollywood–quality decorations that can be viewed on any TV or monitor, and projected on surfaces such as windows, walls – even thin air.

AtmosFX was founded in 2008 by Pete Reichert, a former MTV Producer, and Pete Williams, an animator and show creator. Both were inspired by the visual effects and animations they created for amusement parks and museums. Today, AtmosFX is the fastest growing digital home decorating company with customers in more than 150 countries around the world. To learn more about AtmosFX, visit

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