Halloween makeover with projection, lighting and audio – part 1

Now that our smart home is almost finished, we want to immediately start using the smart home applications for practical tests, reviews and fun projects. In this Halloween special we give the house a Halloween makeover, using projection, audio, lighting and decorations. The lighting and audio are already in place, as part of the smart home. We will add projections and decorations for this day.

Halloween projections

Perhaps the most impressive and striking part of the Halloween makeover are the projections. The goal is to project Halloween images from the inside onto two windows, which can be seen from the street. For this we use the library of AtmosFX , an American company that focuses purely on images that can be projected on windows, walls, televisions, doorways and even objects during holidays. AtmosFX has an extensive database of images for almost every major holiday, but the majority of them are made for Halloween. There are images that are suitable for young children, but also plenty of images that can scare the adults a little later in the evening. We are going for two loops: one for children and one for adults.

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