AtmosFX Inc. Shipping Policy

Products Damaged During Shipping

AtmosFX understands that couriers may occasionally damage packages in transit. In order to protect the quality of our products, AtmosFX, under its own discretion, may replace or refund products which are damaged during the shipping process. If your order arrives damaged due to shipping, you must contact us within 5-business days of receipt of shipment.  If your product contains a defect not due to shipping, then please refer to our Limited Manufacturer Warranty.

We may ask for the following;

  • Pictures of the damaged shipping box as well as the damaged product. These pictures are required for insurance purchases
  • Full written explanation of damage
  • Return of the item in question

Once we confirm that your product has been improperly damaged and is unusable, we can issue a replacement. If we are unable to issue a replacement, we will process a refund for the original order. Minor cosmetic damage is not protected by this policy.

Products Lost During Shipping

If your package is confirmed lost during the shipping process, AtmosFX may be able to issue a replacement. A package is considered lost if it meets all of the following criteria:

  • The item is not delivered by the guaranteed delivery date or within the suggested range (except in cases where the shipment is affected by an “act of God” i.e. weather delays)
  • The customer has made a good faith effort to contact their local courier to locate and confirm their package status
  • The tracking information has not been updated for at least 7 days on domestic orders, or 14 days on international orders

Delivery is determined by the tracking information associated with each order.

If you believe your package has been lost during shipping, please visit and complete the “Contact Us” form.


  • AtmosFX is not responsible for replacing lost packages if it is found that a shipping address was submitted incorrect or incomplete
  • AtmosFX is not responsible for replacing packages which are returned after a failure to deliver, including packages which require collection from a courier
  • AtmosFX is not responsible for replacing stolen property

If your package is lost or stolen after the package is marked as delivered, please contact us immediately by emailing