Rewards for being an awesome AtmosFAN

Earn rewards as an AtmosFAN Awards Program member

Reward Program

If you're new to AtmosFX, create an account on our shop and you'll start earning something we call, "Kudos." You can build up these points and exchange them for discounts, store credit, free merchandise, and other goodies.

Already have an account? You're all set! We've auto-magically loaded up your account with Kudos, just for being part of our community. You're already closing in on great rewards!

Reward Program

How it works

In addition to making purchases, you can earn Kudos by being active in our community and helping to bring digital decorations to every occasion.

Create an Account

100  Kudos

Follow us on Twitter

25  Kudos

Earn for every $1 spent

5  Kudos

Follow us on Instagram

25  Kudos

Like us on Facebook

25  Kudos

Write a product review

25  Kudos

Enter your birthday

100  Kudos

The rewards

Once you've built up a few, you can trade in your Kudos for the following rewards:

$3 Store Voucher

250 Points

Save a mere 250 Kudos and you'll be rewarded with a $3 store voucher, which you can spend on AtmosFX digital decorations, gear and merchandise.

15% off Decorations

500 Points

Redeem 500 Kudos for a 15% off coupon you can use toward your next decoration collection or purchase of single scenes.

Free Gourdy Plushie

900 Points

For 900 Kudos, you can really let your AtmosFAN flag fly with this soft and cuddly plushie of Gourdy himself, our pumpkin-headed friend!

Free Classic DVD

1000 Points

Available for just 1000 Kudos, select a DVD from one of five AtmosFX Classic Decorations: Celebrations Party Time, Creepy Crawlies 2, Santa's Visit, Tricks and Treats, or Winter Wonderland.

15% Off Any Order

1500 Points

With 1500 Kudos, earn 15% off any single item on the store – from digital decoration collections, projection materials, even projectors!

$20 Store Voucher

1500 Points

Save up and trade in 1500 Kudos and you'll be rewarded with a $20 store voucher, which you can spend on AtmosFX digital decorations, gear, and merchandise.

Free Window Projection Material

1750 Points

1750 Kudos earns you FREE AtmosFX Window Projection Material, an innovative material designed to create a uniform projection surface that results in more realistic window displays.

Free Window Projection Material XL

2100 Points

A larger version of the digital decorating mainstay, Window Projection Material XL allows decorators a bigger canvas on which to create amazing displays. FREE with only 2100 Kudos.

Free Hollusion Projection Material

2500 Points

Create mystifying hologram-like illusions with Hollusion Projection Material. For only 2500 Kudos, ghosts and other characters will appear to materialize from thin air – for FREE.

Ready to start earning points?