Professional License Policies

AtmosFX Professional Licenses

Private use versus commercial use

AtmosFX Digital Decorations are designed for private use. Whether using our DVDs or digital downloads, please feel free to thrill friends, family, neighbors...anyone really. Our digital decorations are meant to entertain trick-or-treaters, make your house look even more dazzling during the Christmas season, or add amazement to any celebration.

However, you must not be charging anyone a fee to enjoy these decorations. Nor should you use them in a non-private manner such as in an attraction, at a special event, on TV, as part of a film or art exhibit, etc. without the express permission of AtmosFX via a Professional License.

If you intend to use our content in any manner other than for private use, please read on. If you're not sure if you need a professional license or not, please email us at

What is a Professional License?

A Professional License allows a commercial (for-profit) enterprise to legally utilize AtmosFX digital decorations. There are three types of AtmosFX Professional Licenses:

  • Commercial Use Licenses cover events where admission is charged or if AtmosFX digital decorations are being used at or by a business, etc. A Commercial Use License is only required at for-profit enterprises or events and must be purchased for each digital decoration utilized at a specific location.

  • A Product License is required any time AtmosFX Products are being sold as part of another product, including bundles, kits, or groups. For example, if you want to include AtmosFX digital decorations with your own projector kit.

  • Media Licenses are appropriate if you're using AtmosFX products on a broadcast or in a video game, publication, film, or video. Purchasing a Media License grants permission to display the specified content to an audience during a given time-frame and via specified media

None of these licenses grant privileges to resell, distribute, redistribute, duplicate, edit, or re-purpose AtmosFX's copyrighted content in any manner.

To apply for any of the three, please complete the appropriate licensing contact form here.

Do I need to purchase a Professional License?

A Professional License is required only for commercial (for-profit) enterprises. If AtmosFX Digital Decorations are used at a business, party, or event where all proceeds are donated to a 501(c)(3) charity (non-profit), a Professional License is not required.

Similarly, if AtmosFX Digital Decorations are used at a private residence or neighborhood event, a Professional License is not needed, provided the owner is not charging an admission fee for for-profit purposes.

If you require a Commercial Use License for multiple decorations and/or multiple locations, or if you have other questions about AtmosFX Professional Licensing, please complete the appropriate licensing contact form here.

What About Non-Profits?

There is an exception for non-profit or charitable organizations. If you are a non-profit or charitable organization who wants to use AtmosFX Digital Decorations in a haunted attraction or other festive event, you may receive a Professional License at no cost.

To qualify, please complete the non-profit licensing form on on this page, and an AtmosFX representative will contact you.