Ghost Decorations



$39 Instant Delivery
171 reviews

A gathering of ghouls, specters, and poltergeists materialize before your unbelieving eyes.

Ghostly Apparitions

$39 Instant Delivery
140 reviews

Invite a ghoulish gathering of restless ghosts into your home – but be warned, they may never leave!

Boo Crew

$39 Instant Delivery
233 reviews

With songs, banter and an occasional good-natured scare, these ghosts embody the Halloween spirit.

Ghostly Apparitions 3

$59 Instant Delivery
105 reviews

The dazzling and diabolic phantoms return – now as twisted twins, a ghost pirate, and a materializing maid.

Macabre Manor

$35 Instant Delivery
104 reviews

Trapped in their abandoned estate, a ghostly family celebrates Halloween in unusual ways.

Ghostly Apparitions 2

$49 Instant Delivery
95 reviews

These three strange ghosts have some unusual habits – perhaps a clue to how they met their fates?

Terrors from Beyond

$39 Instant Delivery
40 reviews

Demonic creatures in four horrifying hues will stop at nothing to break into our earthly plane.

Hall of Haunts

$19 Instant Delivery
43 reviews

Visit a haunted mansion where ghosts rule the household and nothing is what it seems.

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Halloween Hosts

$59 $29.50 Instant Delivery
37 reviews

Ever faithful to the spirit of Halloween, three eccentric ambassadors have peculiar tales to tell.


Ghostly Mansion

$19 Instant Delivery
8 reviews

Do you dare enter the haunted house at the end of the lane, crawling with restless ghosts?

Marley’s Ghost

$19 Instant Delivery
42 reviews

The spirit of Jacob Marley returns in this nod to Charles Dickens’ holiday classic, “A Christmas Carol.”

Ghostly Pets

$35 Instant Delivery
17 reviews

Frisky and friendly, these four-legged phantasms just want a scratch — but how to pet a ghost?

Trick-or-Treaters Greeters Plug-n-PlayList

$19 Instant Delivery
1 review

Bring joy to your doorstep with a family-friendly cast of ghosts, witches and jack-o’-lanterns.

Host of Ghosts Plug-n-PlayList

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4 reviews

AtmosFX’s most memorable phantoms will ensure that you’ll have the spookiest house on the block.


Ghostly Apparitions 4

$59 Instant Delivery

A host of otherworldly spirits have arrived – what misery might these unpleasant guests bring to your home?