AtmosFX Releases New ‘Halloween Legends’ and Other Decorations

Seattle, WA – October 6, 2022 – AtmosFX, the holiday decorating company known for inventing projection-based home decorating, today announces four new Halloween decorations, including the launch of its new Legends of Halloween franchise. Including these four new titles, AtmosFX now has 38 Halloween-themed decoration collections, and a total of 62 for year-round celebrations.

Available for use both indoors and out, AtmosFX Digital Decorations are a dynamic option for those who seek to decorate their homes and offices for Halloween and other special occasions. These decorations can be easily displayed with a projector or played on a television or tablet, and won’t fill up your garage or basement like inflatables and plastic skeletons. 

“With Halloween taking place on a Monday this year, the long ‘Halloweekend’ will be a great time to celebrate the holiday,” says AtmosFX Co-Founder, Pete Reichert. “We’re glad to celebrate, too, with these four new decorations, and we cannot wait to see how the endlessly creative Halloween decorating community uses them. We are always amazed by what they do, and I know the trick-or-treaters and their parents are, too.”

Of the four new AtmosFX Decorations released this season, the first is a sequel to one of AtmosFX’s  earliest decorations, and the second is a launch of a new franchise. The third Halloween release was inspired by our fans’ response to an April Fool’s joke, and the final decoration offers a unique way to easily create a haunted environment with your projector.

“We feel like we’ve barely scratched the surface of what can be created with digital decorating,” says Reichert. “Beyond introducing iconic characters in our Legends of Halloween collection, we are excited to see how our fans use Hall of Haunts to enhance their Halloween decoration displays this year.”

All AtmosFX Decorations can be found here:

  1. Spectral Signs
    You can feel an ominous presence. But what do you see? Something wholly unnatural has arrived – yet the only evidence is footsteps, handprints, and cryptic communiqués that fade into darkness. Available in four colors and four lighting variations, the portentous messages of the Spectral Signs Decoration Collection, the spiritual successor to Blood Walls, adds a sense of dread to any Halloween decoration display, whether projected on windows and walls, or played on a TV.

Spectral Signs is available here:

2. Legends of Halloween
Halloween is but one day a year, yet a select few live it forever. They are icons, distinctive and eternal, who embody the lore – and sometimes the terror – of the scariest of seasons. The Legends of Halloween Decoration Collection tells the tales of three timeless characters – the Headless Horseman, the Grim Reaper and the Pumpkin King. No matter where you project them, they will draw you deep into these enduring myths – perhaps never to return!

Legends of Halloween is available here:

  1. Ghostly Pets™ 

When ghosts walk the earth, wouldn’t they want a dog to walk? A cat to caress? Frisky, faithful and friendly, these cuddly companions are ready to be scratched – but that's tricky, because they're ghosts! The Ghostly Pets Decoration Collection features four-legged phantasms perfect for a family-friendly Halloween. The complete collection even includes a bonus “Paranormal Pet Party” decoration featuring dogs and cats unliving together!

Ghostly Pets is available here: 

  1. Hall of Haunts

Transport yourself to another time and place – a haunted mansion where ghosts rule the household, objects live their own lives, and nothing is what it seems. Atmospheric and visually arresting, the Hall of Haunts Decoration sets the Halloween scene as spirits linger on a stormy night. Project on windows, walls and Decorating Disc, or display on a TV, this captivating decoration mixes new and classic thrills within an eerily mysterious setting.

Hall of Haunts is available here: 

About AtmosFX
AtmosFX is a Seattle-based company that seeks to dramatically change how people decorate their homes for holidays, parties and other celebrations. Through the use of beautifully animated characters, stories and atmospherics, AtmosFX Digital Decorations are an ingenious – and easy – way to decorate anywhere, any time of year. Endlessly versatile and entertaining, AtmosFX offers a variety of innovative, Hollywood–quality decorations that can be viewed on any TV or monitor, and projected on surfaces such as windows, walls – even thin air.

AtmosFX was founded in 2008 by Pete Reichert, a former MTV Producer, and Pete Williams, an animator and show creator. Both were inspired by the visual effects and animations they created for amusement parks and museums. Today, AtmosFX is the fastest growing digital home decorating company with customers in more than 150 countries around the world. To learn more about AtmosFX, visit

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