'Phantasms' Unleashed This Halloween!

AtmosFEARfx’s all-new digital decoration features four fully animated ghosts and specters, designed for home, office and party decoration.

As with all AtmosFEARfx Digital Decorations, Phantasms requires only a TV monitor or a projector to create the appearance of a gathering of ghouls and spirits who appear to levitate, shriek, fly and startle the mortals of this world. Projecting onto a window, for instance, creates the appearance from the outside that ghosts have taken up residence in a home. Projecting on mesh creates the illusion that an ethereal spirit is floating in mid-air. Customers in more than 80 countries outside the United States have found their own ways to use AtmosFEARfx Digital Decorations to create their own startling effects.

There are four original ghostly characters in Phantasms, each of which have their own unique scenes. All told, there five different ways to display each phantasm – on a TV monitor, a wall, a window, on mesh, or on a stationary object, like a mannequin. All told, there are nearly 50 unique ways to display the approximate 43 minutes of effects on Phantasms.

Phantasms is the much-anticipated follow-up to AtmosFEARfx’s 2012 digital decoration, Ghostly Apparitions. The digital decoration’s “floating” Victorian-era ghosts became an Internet sensation with nearly 400,000 views, and has been featured on NBC’s Today Show, Japan’s Mezamashi TV, YouTube’s popular Prank vs. Prank and elsewhere.

Phantasms is one of two digital decorations released by AtmosFEARfx this season. The second, a more family-friendly title is called Witching Hour.  To learn more, click here

For more information on AtmosFEARfx’s newest digital decoration, Phantasms, including opportunities to speak with the company’s creators, email press@atmosfx.com or call 1-206-453-5859.

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