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The Best Christmas Light Projectors for the Holidays | AtmosFX

The Best Christmas Light Projectors for the Holidays

Decorating the outside of your house with lights is a Holiday tradition on par with hanging stockings, trimming the tree, and cursing the troves of tourists who clog your city’s transportation systems. This year, might we suggest skipping the hanging lights and instead purchasing a Christmas light projector. These affordable systems stake into the ground and bathe the exterior of your home in yuletide luminescence via lasers or LESD. Not only do these systems look great and allow you to swap scenes with very little effort (some simply use slides), but you also you are far less likely to stub your hand with a hammer, freeze your fingers off, or be scared to look at your electric bill (the systems consume far less energy than strands of bulbs). Oh, and they also take up way less space so you won’t mutter under your breath like some lunatic when you’re fetching them from the crawl space. In short, they’re great. If you’re ready to ditch the string lights for good, here are six Christmas Light projectors worth checking out.

Continue reading at https://www.fatherly.com/gear/best-christmas-light-projectors/


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