Projection Trickery Turns Michigan Home Into Halloween Audiovisual Show

A native of Dearborn, Michigan, has turned his home into an animated Halloween display, posting his use of digital decorations to YouTube on October 18.

Once in full flow, the decorations turn Dave Muse’s suburban home into a hive of ghosts, dismembered limbs, ghoulish moving images, and foreboding sounds, with the addition of musical skeletons and pumpkins for good measure.

It’s all possible thanks to audiovisual “decorations” from AtMosFX. “It is presented using seven video projectors to create several convincing illusions,” Muse told Storyful.

“The garage, for example, never actually opens. A video showing the garage opening, and a picture of the garage interior with performing skeletons superimposed is simply projected on top of the garage door.

Watch the video here

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