Projection Effects to Enhance Your Halloween Experience

So, you want to bring your Halloween decorating to the next level. Something to really wow your friends and neighbors.  What are you gonna do?  Why projection effects!  These can be used not only in windows, but on walls, objects (for a 3D figure effect) or sheer fabric for a “hollusion” effect. So maybe you got a starter kit from Walmart or Home Depot and want to expand your projection options, or maybe you got an inexpensive used projector off of eBay.  Where can you go to get some more videos for your display?  Well I’m gonna give you a couple of sites that have digital downloads available for the fast-approaching holiday.  Since tastes differ (do you want spooky or funny, gory or family-friendly?) these aren’t ranked but just chosen to give a variety of options available.

I must confess that AtmosFX is my favorite and my go-to place for holiday videos.  For Halloween they have ghosts, skeletons, zombies, witches, spooky shadows, scary eyes, singing pumpkins, creepy crawlies, and what I think are the best haunted portrait videos. Their “Unliving Portraits” give you the option of one spooky picture or a trio of portraits that can interact with each other. A great effect whichever option you choose. Their videos are crisp and vibrant and range from humorous and family-friendly to scary and in some cases a bit gory (“Blood Walls” can let you transform your room into a literal blood bath!). A number of the effects have different options – TV mode, a background-free effect that can be used on a 3D form or for a hollusion effect, spotlight or flickering flame as well as standard lighting, etc. New Halloween effects for 2019 included Halloween Moon, some scary clowns, and some more ghost projections.

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