Must-have Halloween projectors cast videos of ghosts and ghouls onto your home

Goodbye summer (what we saw of you, anyway) and hello spooky season!

While for many of us Christmas is the highlight of the year, for some Halloween reigns supreme.

Maybe you’re one of the Halloween-loving crew and look forward to decorating your house for the horror-filled holiday.

Or, maybe you’re a parent and want to give your little ones a great weekend, even if there’s no trick-or-treating.

If so, it can sometimes be a pain to have to pack away bags of decorations and replace them with more one-time pieces for the next celebration.

This handy gadget is here to save the day.

Halloween projectors have become the new must-have spooky decoration.

They’re selling fast on amazon, eBay and Wish.

And, there’s no need to pack them away at the end of October, as you can flick them straight into Christmas mode when done.

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