Here’s our list of the best tech-related Halloween decorations

Freak out your friends with these top tech-related Halloween decorations

Halloween is just around the corner and nothing is more fun — or potentially more stressful — than decorating your house for the occasion. This year instead of fake cobwebs and plastic spiders, we decided to bring you the best tech-related Halloween decorations that are sure to make your neighbors jealous and probably a bit spooked. So before you queue up your favorite scary movie, check out these terrifying high-tech decorations.

Including an HD projector, standard window projection material, and 16 pre-loaded scenes, the Digital Decorating Kit Plus comes with everything you need to transform your home into a scary movie. Simply find a place to project eerie images and you are good to go. From skeletons dancing to a ghost bride and groom the Halloween scenes are sure to frighten your friends.

See the whole list here:

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