From the Editor's Desk: Happy Halloween!

October 31 marks the best holiday of the year, at least in my opinion. As soon as the weather starts to hint at fall, I'm itching for Halloween. By the first day of October, I've already built a playlist of horror films to get me through the season. I plan my costume, bake bloody cupcakes, and stock my front porch with pumpkins, all in preparation for the last day of October. All of my favorite things happen during the Halloween season.

My all-time favorite Halloween decoration, however, is one that I just discovered last year. It's from AtmosFX, a projector with dozens of looping ghostly apparitions that you can display on your window, making it look like there are all kinds of creepy things happening inside your house. The projector is a bit pricey, so if you already have one lying around the house, I suggest just buying their awesome effects discs or downloads. Their graphics are high-quality and look amazing.

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