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Fred Holiday Shopping Guide | AtmosFX

Fred Holiday Shopping Guide

I love to decorate for the holidays, so when I chanced upon a neighbor’s incredible projected window display at Halloween a few years back - featuring what seemed like very real skeletons, zombies, and a grim reaper inside their home, visible through the window - I had to find out exactly how they accomplished the wondrous feat. Well, much to my surprise, the effect was incredibly easy, as it consisted merely of a vinyl static-cling projection screen on the windows, a digital projector, a DVD/Blu-Ray player, and digital animation files crafted by the fine folks at AtmosFX. As soon as I heard that, in addition to Halloween frights, they also have a line of festive winter animations - AtmosCheerFX - I had to give it a go. With Atmos’s spiffy animations and a brilliant digital projector package (their Digital Decorating Kit Plus, $299.99), I’m now stopping traffic in my neighborhood as rubberneckers can’t avoid being drawn in by the glorious display. The biggest joy of all, though? Just how easy it was to do.

See the shopping guide here: http://asitecalledfred.com/2017/12/16/2017-fred-holiday-shopping-guide/

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