13 Ideas to Create the Spookiest High-Tech Haunted House This Halloween

HALLOWEEN IS serious business in Sleepy Hollow, N.Y., and adjacent Tarrytown. But nobody there embraces the area’s holiday heritage with more fervor than Arthur Klock. “Some people go pretty hard on their houses,” said Mr. Klock, “but not to the extent that I do. I’m definitely the crazy person in town.”


3. Spectre Projector

For windows and doorways teeming with virtual zombies and goofy ghosts, try digital decorations from AtmosFX. Its AtmosKIT Plus comes with everything you need to get started: a ViewSonic M1 short-throw projector, a piece of special translucent fabric to project onto, and 16 high-definition decorations preloaded onto a USB drive. (Download dozens more frightening files from their site). $359, atmosfx.com

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