Five Ways to Have a Star Trek-Tacular Summer Party

Summer is around the corner, and with it, the time for parties. Hurtling through the darkness of space for so long, we have to think Starfleet crew members would have appreciated a summer party. So let’s do if for our fellow humans! Below are five great ideas for you to create an incredible Star Trek summer party.

Barware to Make Even Quark Envious


Whether you are serving Aldebaran whiskey or something more terrestrial, the following drink enhancers will be a perfect addition to your party. For fans of the original series, the Dr. McCoy Tiki Mug and the Captain Kirk beer koozie will insure that all drinks will be served in vessels as cool as the beverages inside them. Same goes with the Starfleet Academy rocks tumblers – choose the major that inspires you; its emblem will be at the bottom of your glass. And, for those party guests that turn your party into a two-day affair, serve them coffee (or tea, Earl Grey, hot) the next morning with these Discovery Engage heat mugs. As the mug warms up, Saru, Michael Burnham or Sylvia Tilly will be transported onto the face of the mug.

Feeding the Fleet


The Kreetassans were famously of the opinion that eating a meal should be done in private. That, of course, would make for a terrible party. So scratch those protocol-obsessed humanoids from the party list and let's eat! Start by serving pizza, making sure to cut it to Starfleet regulations with ThinkGeek's Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter.

Scotty, Give the Speaker All She's Got!


All parties need good music – don't let anyone tell you that art has no place in the future. With that in mind, we appreciate the collected playlists at They have organized countless songs that are Star Trek related, from Jerry Goldsmith's original theme, to Leonard Nimoy's classic – if unusual – recitations of '70s-era pop songs to the strange electronica of Sweden's S.P.O.C.K.

Command the Pool Party


There is no logical reason that pool parties also can't also be Star Trek themed and, if you are hosting one, make sure to dress better than the Xindi-Aquatic race. That's easy with ThinkGeek's Star Trek Swimwear collection, which features what must be standard-issue Starfleet swimwear for both men and women. And once you are outfitted properly, make sure to command the pool like none other than Captain James T. Kirk with this inflatable Captain's Chair Pool Float.

Decorate Like Future Generations


All these party ideas are great, so long as your guests can find it in this corner of the galaxy. AtmosFX can help with its Star Trek: Beam Me Up Digital Decoration collection. By projecting these digital decorations onto your window, it will appear to those outside that Starfleet crew members have transported themselves to your party. The official artwork and original sound recordings from seven different major series are included. In on the inside, the Star Trek: Beam Me Up Digital Decoration makes for a dynamic party decoration on your walls and TV. And if you have AtmosFX's Hollusion Projection Material, you can even make it appear that up to five friends appear as though they are beamed up from your transporter room. Sadly, it is just an illusion – so you can't transport home your lingering guests at the end of the night, especially if they've had too much Romulan Ale.

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