Slender Specter

Digital Decoration

Long and gangly, the Slender Specter looks like a dream. At first he appears normal – but in subtle and strange ways, he’s out of proportion. Is the Slender Specter real ... or simply a figment of your imagination? Or both? The Slender Specter is one of three phantasmic projections contained in the Ghostly Apparitions 2 Digital Decoration Collection. He's just dying to see you in your dreams this Halloween!

Decoration Includes

  • "Bag of Tricks" (2:04)
  • "Bent Out of Shape" (1:47)
  • "Dead Man's Float" (3:06)
  • "Grave Riser" (0:48)
  • "Midnight Stroll" (2:10)
  • "Startle Scare" (0:27)


    • Resolution: 1080p HD
    • Orientation: Horizontal and Vertical
    • Window Versions: Standard and Background
    • Wall Versions: Standard and Background