Diabolic Debutant

Digital Decoration

Formerly the pride of her school, this once-darling debutante has deteriorated ever since. Did some dastardly deed befall this her? Or, has she simply hung onto her past far too long? The Diabolic Debutant is one of three phantasmic projections contained in the Ghostly Apparitions 2 Digital Decoration Collection. She's just dying to meet you and your family this Halloween!

Decoration Includes

  • "Cold Hearted" (1:27)
  • "Dancing Queen" (1:43)
  • "Floating Fright" (0:35)
  • "Drowned Sorrow" (0:29)
  • "Grave Riser" (0:38)
  • "Startle Scare" (0:21)
  • "Teen From Hell" (1:27)


  • Resolution: 1080p HD
  • Orientation: Horizontal and Vertical
  • Window Versions: Standard and Background
  • Wall Versions: Standard and Background