AtmosFANs of the Week

Whether you’re trick-or-treating, attending a party, or driving through your neighborhood near any given holiday, you’ll recognize our fans; They’re the ones with the giant inflatable snowmen, the haunted houses in their driveways, and a full-size 3D Easter Bunnies running across their windows. Here are some of our amazing fans.

Steven Nance and family creates a ‘Haunted Nansion’ that uses 10 projectors to display 10 AtmosFX Digital Decorations – playfully awash in fog and color.

David Werner built a facade of a fireplace around where he sets a small Christmas Village. Then, he added a spare television, hung stockings – and the Night Before Christmas digital decoration.

Two-time Freak of the Week Jenna Ugero and family uses multiple digital decorations and rich swaths of color create a compelling Halloween display.


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