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This decoration is part of the Phantasms collection.

Wicked Wraith

TV/Wall/3DFX Prop

Wicked Wraith

TV/Wall/3DFX Prop


download (HD - 1080p)



download (HD - 1080p)

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This decoration is part of the Phantasms collection.

Decoration details

This flexible and popular decoration features a single wraith who roars and threatens through your TV, walls, or 3DFX Form.

Decoration Includes

  • "Possessed TV" TV (2:15)
  • "Startle Scare" TV (0:40)
  • "Hide and Freak" Wall (0:50)
  • "Wicked Portal" Wall (0:38)
  • "Face of Death" Wall (0:25)
  • "Startle Scare" Wall (0:15)
  • "Soul Crusher" 3DFX (1:02)
  • "Startle Scare" 3DFX (0:18)


  • Resolution: 1080p HD
  • Orientation: Horizontal

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