Bone Chillers

146 reviews

Prepare for a bone-rattling good time as skeletons rise from their graves, startle the unsuspecting with spine-tingling scares, dance, and jam.

Ghostly Apparitions

130 reviews

Sometimes scary, sometimes not, four restless spirits are eager to haunt your home. You'll never experience Halloween the same way again!

Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree

227 reviews

A trio of pumpkins tell jokes, sing original songs and engage in high-spirited banter. You can even project directly onto the uncarved pumpkins!

Tricks and Treats

64 reviews

Introduce trick-or-treaters to the magic of the silver screen with silhouettes of classic monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula and the Wolf Man.

Zombie Invasion!

68 reviews

Board up your windows — the zombie apocalypse is here! Bring the horde home with Zombie Invasion!, featuring legions of ravenous undead.

UnLiving Portraits

84 reviews

Create a ghoulish gallery of hauntingly beautiful digital paintings featuring three vintage characters that spring to life – and death.

Creepy Crawlies 2

69 reviews

Make your Halloween party guests’ skin crawl with a hair-raising swarm of animated tarantulas, snakes, rats and cockroaches.

Shades of Evil

13 reviews

Thrill your neighbors with a cast of shadowy figures experiencing the fright of their lives. Will they escape their impending doom? Or will they fall victim to their silhouetted enemies? The Shades of Evil Digital Decoration Collection is sure to leave a lasting impression on any Halloween lover.

Blood Walls

36 reviews

Not for the faint of heart, Blood Walls allows you to transform any environment into a blood bath.

Triple Thrill Pack

9 reviews

The stuff of nightmares becomes reality with three terrifying scenes: an enraged poltergeist, a beautiful ghoul, and a demon-infested inferno.

Happy Thanksgiving

57 reviews

Autumnal leaves fall quietly against a caramel background in a soothing celebration of fall, wishing everyone a "Happy Thanksgiving."

Turkey Tomfoolery

117 reviews

Spice up your Thanksgiving with Tom, the adorably goofy turkey who will do everything under his wing to flavor your home with good cheer.


Hanukkah Window

11 reviews

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with Hanukkah Window, a gleaming collection of stained-glass designs that evoke hope, perseverance and rededication.


Nativity Window

67 reviews

Hope shines bright in Nativity Window, a gleaming collection of glorious stained glass – a perfect celebration of the spirit of Christmas. 

Marley's Ghost

14 reviews

The spirit of Jacob Marley returns in this nod to Dickens’ A Christmas Carol – at once a harrowing ghost story and a message of holiday grace.

Enchanted Snowman

116 reviews

A jovial snowman rollicks in a winter wonderland, entertaining all who encounter him. Enchanted Snowman is a warm embrace during the frosty winter months.

Yuletide Window

41 reviews

The colors of the Christmas season are on glorious display with Yuletide Window, a radiant collection of iconic animated stained glass-displays.

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Santa's Sleigh Ride

$24.99 $18.74
63 reviews

Make a magical trip with Santa Claus as he delivers gifts around the world – ensuring every child will find joy under the Christmas tree.

Virtual Christmas Tree

49 reviews

A Virtual Christmas Tree fits anywhere and fills your your walls or front window with the holiday spirit.

Christmas Carolers

54 reviews

Is there anything more heartwarming than the sound of approaching carolers on a crisp winter's evening? Christmas Carolers is the sound of the season – full of joy and spirit.

Santa's Workshop

132 reviews

Capture the joyful magic of the Christmas season with a live-action Santa and his digital elves as they prepare for the biggest night of the year.

Night Before Christmas

62 reviews

A live-action Santa Claus makes a magical appearance in your home, delivering holiday cheer, singing carols and placing presents under the tree.

Santa's Visit

45 reviews

An animated Santa makes a surprise visit, nibbling on cookies and placing gifts under the tree. You can also turn any TV into a Yuletide fireplace.

Winter Wonderland

42 reviews

Create a snowy paradise with a flurry of decorations including falling snowflakes, icy evergreen forests, picturesque holiday cottages, and more.