Premium Window Projection Material

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  • 3’x5’ material roll
  • Application Instructions
  • Includes a promotional card inside the packaging for a $9.99 credit redeemable on any digital decoration scene (excluding Trick 'r Treat)

Product Description

AtmosFX Premium Window Projection Material is: 

  • White and translucent, giving windows a “frosted” look
  • Made of a reusable flexible vinyl that adheres to windows through static cling
  • Designed specifically for rear and front projection
  • Offers some light diffusion and hot-spot reduction

As an added bonus, each purchase of AtmosFX Window Projection Material includes a $9.99 promotional code, which can be redeemed for a free digital decoration download of your choice*. To take advantage of this special offer, add any AtmosFEARfx or AtmosCHEERfx single scene download to your cart, and enter the included code to the discount box at checkout.

Please note that all projection material purchases are final. Please take into account that projection material sizes may vary by +/- 0.5” in length/width.

To learn more about how to project our digital decorations onto your windows, check out this how-to guide.

*Promotional codes apply to AtmosFEARfx and AtmosCHEERfx single scene downloads only.

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Customer Reviews

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How to set up your decorations

Intro to Digital Decorating

With AtmosFX Digital Decorations®, you now have the awesome power of dynamic, professional animation available to you for unique (and mess-free!) celebrations – any time of year.


Transform your TV or monitor into a simple, eye-catching decoration or prop for parties and entertaining.


Bring any room to life by projecting onto your walls, ceilings, doors, floors, props and more.


Captivate and entertain your family, friends and neighbors by displaying entertaining scenes in your windows.


Use Hollusion Projection Material to create the illusion of characters that hover in mid-air in your doorway, archway or yard.


Project onto an AtmosGEAR 3DFX Form and watch an otherwise lifeless body appear to come alive.



Project onto a closed door or open doorway to create the illusion that someone – or something – is about to make a guest appearance.