What is a Commercial Use License?

June 10, 2015 | Posted in

A Commercial Use License is required only for commercial (for-profit) enterprises. If AtmosFX Digital Decorations are used at a business, party or event where proceeds are donated to charity (non-profit), a Commercial Use License is not required. Similarly, if AtmosFX Digital Decorations are used at a private residence or neighborhood event, a Commercial Use License is not needed, provided the owner is not charging an admission fee for for-profit purposes.

All entities seeking to use AtmosFX Digital Decorations for commercial, or for-profit, purposes are required to purchase an annual Commercial Use License for each digital decoration in use. Commercial Use Licenses can be purchased in the Online Store and are located on each digital decoration product page.

If you are a non-profit or charitable organizations that seeks to utilize AtmosFX Digital Decorations in a haunted attraction or other festive event, contact us to see if you qualify to receive a no-cost Commercial Use License.

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