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During the holiday season, we told you about the entertaining projection screen for your home from Atmos. For Halloween, we had a number of different themes and rotated them out. For the Christmas holidays, the girls were obsessed with snow so we had it set on the Winter Wonderland. It seemed like the only way we would get snow in Houston – until the great Snowmageddon of 2018 arrived – just as I got the girls BACK to school after winter break. But Atmos isn’t just for the holidays! Make your Super Bowl party stand out this year with digital decorating. I’ve downloaded one and placed on the large PC screen and also have it for the big screen TV! Order the projector now and in the future, you can do even more than just screen time! It’s a great way to greet my guests until the game starts. You can turn any flat surface, window, or screen into an animated celebration of your special events, holidays, and more. Just choose your team colors and get started.

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