Why We Love the New Atmoskit Plus!

Back in 2008, AtmosFX was built on the premise that anyone should be able to decorate holidays and special events with Hollywood-grade animation and special effects. And do so easily! And with that, the concept of digital decorations was born.

But we wanted the projectors to be easy, too. So, for the past several years we’ve continued to work with manufacturers to make a projector that easily displays digital decorations. We’ve created a few.

This time, however, we did something a little different. We teamed-up with a respected electronics brand and heavily tested many (oh, so many!) of their models, looking specifically at how it could be used with digital decorations. Is it sturdy? How bright is it? Can you easily hide it? These types of questions. We think we’ve found the perfect one – for the perfect price. It’s the AtmosKIT Plus.

Like its predecessors, the AtmosKIT Plus contains everything you need to create an awesome digital decoration display at your home or office:

  • A projector with remote control
  • Window Projection Material
  • 12 AtmosFX Digital Decorations stored on a 2GB USB drive

With this new kit, there are some new features that we’re really excited about. And we’re not even talking about the Gourdy Plushie that is also included!

The new AtmosKIT Plus is manufactured by ViewSonic – and with it some spectacular new features. For instance, the 300 LED Lumen projector weighs less than two pounds, is portable, and has battery life that lasts up to six hours – no cords necessary! Coupled with the projector’s short-throw capability, it means that it will be really easy to stash in inconspicuous places!

The components are quality, too. The built-in speakers are made by Harman Kardon, offering crystal-clear acoustics. There’s Bluetooth capability if you want to easily add additional Bluetooth-enabled speakers. That really comes in handy if you want to expand the audio reach of your display or, if you prefer to place your projector someplace dry and warm but still want the sound effects playing outside.

And, though we find it hard to believe that people actually use projectors for stuff other than digital decorating, the AtmosKIT Plus is Smart TV and wifi enabled, so you can stream things like Netflix and YouTube. In addition, it also has the capability to “mirror” your phone. That means it can easily (and wirelessly) project whatever you are displaying on your phone or tablet – photos or videos, Disney+, whatever! That’s pretty slick for those of you who use your phone and tablet to download your digital decorations – you can just mirror them directly to your AtmosKIT Plus!

And while we hope nobody will have to use it, ViewSonic also provides a three-year limited warranty.

Of course, we also love the digital decorations that are included with the AtmosKIT Plus – 12 in all, covering Halloween, Christmas, Easter and more. Several of the digital decorations selected for this kit are among AtmosFX’s newest, and half have never been included on earlier versions of the kit. (Those other six? They are some of AtmosFX’s most popular!) All of the digital decorations are stored on a two-gigabyte USB drive, so they’re easy to plug-in and play.

Of course, these 12 are just to get you started. The AtmosKIT Plus is capable of playing any of the hundreds of digital decorations you can find at AtmosFX.com – the possibilities are practically endless!

And while projector and digital decorations deservedly get all the hoopla, we have also included improved Window Projection Material – one made of high-quality fabric that provides excellent contrast and light diffusion.

You can see why we are so excited about the AtmosKIT Plus – it is a complete, and incredibly easy, way to digitally decorate. 

To learn more about the AtmosKIT Plus, including product specifications, click here!

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