Who are We? A Look Behind the Curtain

January 13, 2017 | Posted in News

As we enter the New Year, we’ve found ourselves reflecting on how we have grown over the years. So we thought it’d be a good time to pull back the curtain – just a bit – on what goes on here at the AtmosFX worldwide headquarters.

After all, it is amazing to think that just seven years ago, The Two Petes bundled up their decades of MTV animation experience and put it full-bore towards the service of re-thinking the way we all celebrate holidays. And, let’s face it, their pure love of holidays – any holiday – was catchy.

It certainly caught the rest of us. Over the years, AtmosFX team has grown like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man from just two people to soon-to-be 20, with several full-time animators, developers, customer service gurus, software engineers, etc. – each bringing their unique talents to pump life Our Next Great Idea.

Over the next several months, we will be introducing some of the great brains that power the creativity here at AtmosFX – we think you’ll find that even colleagues with the most boring of titles (eg. Senior User Experience Designer) will take you on some pretty deep dives into some pretty extraordinary topics.

But first, a look at where the magic happens – what we’ve sometimes called the AtmosFX Developmental Dungeon. Admittedly, it’s no dungeon (except when we are playing Dungeons & Dragons), but during these dark winter months here in our home of Seattle, it sure can feel like it.

The office? Well, much of it looks like an, um, office: a lot of computers, an overused (and under-cleaned) galley kitchen, an always-booked conference room, whiteboards scrawled with techno-speak hieroglyphics that’d probably be top-secret – if anyone other than the developers could actually understand it.

That stuff is pretty common. There is all all the extra stuff, too, the props-turned-decorations (limbs, battle-axes, rubber rats, etc.) that makes the place feel like, uh, it still needs once-over from the haz-mat unit.

In the end, what makes this place such a unique space is the people, the collection of really creative individuals that have a common passion – a love for the holidays. Halloween, certainly, as this was the reason we started the company. But the passion goes deeper – a love for all holidays, and the energy that comes from celebrating events together.

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