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The AtmosFX® Media Player and

The AtmosFX® Media Player and "Seamless" Play

The AtmosFX® Media Player is an exciting way to run your digital decorations® without having to use a laptop or DVD player. This is especially handy if you're running several digital decorations in several locations, or if you're worried about leaving electronics out where they may be damaged or stolen. The media player can be attached projectors, televisions, and other devices that can't play media on their own. Note: the media player is not a projector by itself. Much like a CD player needs a speaker or a DVD player needs a television, the media player has to be attached to an output device.

media player

The 2017 version of our player comes with a motion detector which can be used to trigger your decorations to play when someone approaches, or to play a "startle scare" decoration when a creature jumps or transforms. 

This has brought up a lot of questions about if the AtmosFX Media Player offers something people are calling "seamless play." The short answer is no, but it is alsokind ofyes. 

Essentially, what some of our AtmosFREAKS™ are trying to do is ensure that when a guest approaches, the motion detector will tell the media player to trigger the "startle scare" in the video. 

For instance, in UnLiving Portraits (the most asked about decoration) the benign, placid portrait transforms "seamlessly" into a monstrous face. By seamlessly, we mean that there is no blank space, black screen, or flash between placid and monstrous - just a seamless transformation. 

Unliving Portraits

At the end of the scare, when your guests are moving on to the next display in your haunted home, the AtmosFX Media Player resets and loads the next video. This requires a one-to-two second black screen.

For many of our decorations, this won't be noticed as the scenes normally fade to black.

However, for the "startle scares" some decorators have the expectation that the media player will seamlessly transform the image back to normal without the black interlude. 

Here's why the AtmosFX Media Player doesn't have the second seamless break:

  1. The scare has already happened and your guests are moving on. The value of the scene has happened and the black screen lets people know it's time to move to the next fright.
  2. From a logistics standpoint, AtmosFX wanted to provide a media player for less than $100. The second seamless break (usually shown while your guests are walking away) requires a level of device that is more expensive. 
  3. Technically, more expensive devices tend to require special setup, coding, and file structuring that most of our fans don't enjoy. This media player is designed for private, home use by Halloween decorators, not professional attractions or those that charge admission.

So, our media player kept the first seamless transition but sacrificed the second in order to provide the best player, for the lowest cost, and that was the easiest to set up. As always, we focus on technology for which we are able to provide top-level support and advice. 

If you're an advanced designer with some tech skills, you may want to research more expensive players at your preferred electronics outlet. However, if you're an entry level or "prosumer" level decorator who just wants to plug-and-play, this affordable media player will provide plenty of screams at your next haunted home.

For more about getting the most out of Unliving Portraits on a monitor, with a laptop, or with a projector, click on this support article. 

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