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‘Phantasm’ Anatomy 101: Dissecting the Poltergeist

If we could, we’d just catch a Poltergeist. But species-importation regulations in the Netherworld being what they are, the team at AtmosFX decided it’d be easier to create one. This...

The Making of Bone Chillers

Can't get enough of AtmosFX behind-the-scenes? Read what Pete Reichert and Pete Williams, the co-founders of AtmosFX, had to say about the making of Bone Chillers.

Making of Night Stalkers: Part 2

Learn more about the making of Night Stalkers with AtmosFX co-founders, Pete Reichert and Pete Williams, as they answer your behind-the-scenes questions! 

Making of Night Stalkers: Part 1

Last week, we had the Night Stalkers* live-action shoot. A one-day shoot packed to the brim with scene changes, costumes, blood, screams, and growls. 

Behind the Scenes: Creating Ghostly Apparitions and Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree

Many of you have asked for more details about our two upcoming decorations, Ghostly Apparitions and Jack-O'-Lantern Jamboree. To help answer your questions, I sat down with AtmosFX co-founders...

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