Super Bowl LVIII: Show Your True Colors!

Whether you are rooting for the Red Team, the other Red Team, or just looking forward to seeing Red (Taylor’s Version) in the luxury box, we’re still going to celebrate the day like nearly 100 million other fans around the world! Unlike most, however, we’ll be bringing Football Fanfare Game Day! Decoration Collection to our party – a dynamic way to decorate for Super Bowl Sunday. You, of course, should do so too.

Obviously, when it comes to Super Bowl Sunday, nobody wants to spend a lot of time decorating. There is so much to do! Pre-game and post-game shows to watch, snacks to prepare and eat, commercials to judge – and then there is the Big Game, itself. When it comes to decorating, best to do something easy.

Football Fanfare Game Day! is certainly that. While you can display this decoration on your television, it’s safe to say that it will be in use on this day. But a projector? Simply find a place to display the decoration, and train your projector onto it. You’ve immediately got a fuss-free decoration display that’s perfect for the moment.

The entire collection includes 11 color variations, it is easy to select the colors that are perfect for the occasion – in this case, red or dark red. Needless to say, you’re not stuck to that. Pick the color of your local high school or college team and you’ll be ready for next fall.

So, where to display it? We have some ideas.

Windows: If you are hosting a Super Bowl Party, place some Window Projection Material in the window at the front of your house. It’s a great way to let all the partygoers know, well before they even enter the house, exactly where the party is.

Garage door or entire house: This requires you to leave your projector outside, which can be a dicey proposition in mid-February. But the same principle applies as above: If you project onto your garage door or side of the house, you’ll be setting an incredible tone for your party. Especially for those who live in the eastern time zone, or in northern latitudes, where it will be dark before kickoff.

Near the food table: If you’d prefer to keep your projector safe and dry indoors, set it up so that it displays Football Fanfare Game Day! on the wall behind the food and beverage table. Just remember to go BIG – you’ll be competing for attention with a lot of snacks!

Display your victory: Especially if your team is playing in the game, make sure to have the red and dark red variations at the ready when the clock reaches 0:00. Make a bold statement in your windows that the title is yours!

Lastly, we have one final suggestion that isn’t exactly football related. This year, Valentine’s Day is the Wednesday following Super Bowl Sunday. So, make sure to leave your projector situated exactly where it was, so that you can display My Valentine Decoration leading up to February 14. It’s a spectacular way to show your affection for your loved ones – and it might even distract from the fact that there’s still a sink load of dishes to do from the weekend’s festivities!

Do you plan to use Football Fanfare Game Day or My Valentine decorations at your parties this year? If so, make sure to take some photos and videos of the festivities and send them to us using this easy submission form!

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