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Spice Up Your Thanksgiving With Turkey Tomfoolery | AtmosFX

Spice Up Your Thanksgiving With Turkey Tomfoolery

Halloween is over, but don't put away your Window Projection Material just yet. There is an exciting new way to celebrate Thanksgiving – AtmosFX's Turkey Tomfoolery Digital Decoration. This festive all-new decoration sets just the right mood this holiday season.

Turkey Tomfoolery follows the lighthearted antics of Tom, the holiday turkey who has his own ideas how to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in your home. Turkey is not just for dinner anymore!

This 1:49-minute digital decoration consists of one scene the entire family will enjoy. Turkey Tomfoolery can be used in multiple display modes, including window, wall, TV – even Hollusion.

With this playful animated turkey in your front window, you'll be able to greet your out-of-town guests with a welcome they will never forget. Or, play on your television to entertain the grandchildren – as well as their parents. You can also project onto the wall above the Thanksgiving buffet to create an effortless thematic display. The places where Turkey Tomfoolery can enhance your holiday entertaining are as numerous as the side-dishes at the Thanksgiving table.

Turkey Tomfoolery is available for download now. Priced at $7.99, it is an inexpensive – and fun – way to share the Thanksgiving spirit with your friends, neighbors and guests.

Celebrate Thanksgiving in an entertaining new way – download Turkey Tomfoolery now!

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